Company's timeline

“Group International Trading” (GIT) Trading&Production Holding was founded in 1993. During this time, we have occupied a significant and unique niche in the market of household goods for home and garden, reinforced our standing and strengthened our position, as well as year after year we have been consistently augmenting and boosting our market share. Оur success is inextricably linked to the highly professional work of our employees and the tailor-made strategy pursued to meet the needs of both our partners and the end users.

GIT is a holding that provides a diversified portfolio of products, services and support to its clients uniting production, trade and logistics services.


Since its inception, the Company has had a proven track record of successful operation and gained an impeccable reputation of a highly professional, trustworthy and reliable partner. These are the merits and the extensive experience that allowed us, beginning from 2011, to conclude Private Label production and supply contracts for major leading retail players such as: AUCHAN, LENTA, OBI, etc. Furthermore, the Company is vigorously involved in designing and conducting loyalty campaigns jointly with the leading retail chains.

Strong brands, a wide array of choices and diversified range of goods allows making a special range brand offer for every client (from the premium pricing to the first segment).

For more than 20-year of corporate history our Holding has increasingly come to the fore and has taken the lead as a recognized leader in supply of goods to retail chains in Russia. The Company maintains deliveries and supplies goods throughout Russia. Our clients range from retail chains, grocery hypermarkets, construction markets to boutiques and specialized shops, garden centers, online stores and B2B trade experts.

The Company’s brand portfolio includes more than 6 000 items of goods for home and garden. The Company has been partnering with the leading European manufacturers by fairly and adequately representing the interests of global brands in the Russian market, which inter alia include Hailo, Eurogold, Vileda, Prosperplast.


The given period marked the beginning of a new stage of strategic development and growth of the Company.

In a few years time, it was clear that the strategic decision to move to the mid-price segment was the right and the best possible outcome.

Nonetheless, we continued importing elite household goods for home under the brand name Hailo.

This enabled the Company to retain exclusive rights to represent the brand in Russia and enhanced its reputation as a reliable partner of European suppliers.

We were constantly looking for new opportunities within the business trying to expand the range and take new niches in the market, to raise and enhance the reputation of a reliable company and find new partners.

In 2010 we created the second direction “Karosad”. As part of this project, the Company has been actively developing the direction for sale of goods for cottages/summerhouses and country houses, flower&plant care and seasonal products.


The beginning of 1999 was extremely difficult for the Russian economy as the country was experiencing and going through a serious economic crisis.

Most companies could not withstand and survive the crisis.

For our Company 1999 was one of the most difficult periods over the entire history of its existence.

The Company’s management was on the lookout for solutions to survival challenges.

The transition to the mid-price segment niche was the only way-out in rescuing the moribund business.

For this, we cut the assortment of elite household goods under the Hailo brand, and in early 2000, together with European suppliers, created the Zalger brand, thus marking the beginning of and launching a new direction in the range of household goods for home in the mid-price segment.

Today the Zalger brand is one of the most successful and big seller brands in the Russian market in household goods for home.

During the same period, the Company’s management decided in the first instance to cut back, and then completely close the retail chain of stores.

All the efforts were concentrated on developing wholesale. This decision and the measures taken allowed withstanding and surviving the peak of the economic crisis in the country.


In 1993, the Company began carrying out its wholesale activities in Russia. During this period, construction business began actively to develop and the Company opted for (as regards construction) the sale of DIY and home improvement goods.

During “Perestroika”, Russia experienced a severe set back in own production, whence many successful companies began actively importing goods from Europe and Asia.

Our Company pioneered in importing goods from Europe.

In early 1997, we concluded the first exclusive partnership agreement with the world leader in production and sale of Hailo’s elite household goods for home, for supply of ladders/stepladders for do-it-yourself and professional use.

By developing this direction and tracking the market trends in Russia, we began to actively advance our activities in the direction of household goods.