Our brands

GIT is engaged in the development and promotion of products under its own trademarks.


In’Loran represents a series of cleaning products and cleaning/janitorial supplies (mops, buckets, nozzles and much more) in the Russian market. In 2015, responding to market challenges, we launched a new range of products – a line of door mats and DIY supplies. In'Loran DIY supplies are a new trend in the product mix of our Company. These supplies are sold not only in DIY, but also in grocery chains. Now we supply: adhesive tapes, electrical/insulating tapes, bubble wraps, stretch films, double-sided adhesive tapes and much more.

Today Zalger products are widely represented in the major retail chains and are well known to consumers. The brand development strategy is built on the an optimum parity of the price and quality. The products of the Zalger brand stand out for their ease of use, smart design and European workmanship standards. Zalger makes every effort to facilitate your work around the house! For two decades now, we have been producing and supplying household products for consumers, including: ironing boards and their accessories, aluminum and steel ladders, floor, hanging and ceiling clothes dryers/drying racks. The Zalger brand is based on a careful forethought down to the last detail!

Our partners

Leading European manufacturers trust us to distribute their products throughout the Russian Federation.

Prosperplast Company was founded in 1993, and presently is a leader among plastic products industry manufacturers not only in Poland, but also in Europe. The Company produces a wide range of plastic products for home and garden: flowerpots, composters, watering cans, tool boxes, as well as goods for children (sledges, snow sliders, etc.). Currently, the Company operates three production facilities, warehouses located in four Polish cities, as well as logistics centers in Germany and the Czech Republic, with a total area of more than 60,000 m2. The Company’s products excel in their superior quality, original and diverse design, thereby they enjoy enormous and ever-incrreasing popularity.

Hailo, a German-based company started its operation in 1947 specializing in production of household and professional staircases and ladders (it is worth meentioning that Hailo was the first company in the world to manufacture stairs and stepladders made of steel and aluminum alloys to replace wooden stairs), waste bins and other household goods. Being the leader in the German market, Hailo offers its customers an extensive product lines, which set the standard and explore the premium product groups development trends in the market. Today, Hailo products are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide. Innovations are a matter of principle for Hailo - and quality a matter of tradition.

Vileda is the No. 1 brand in the European market of cleaning accessories (cleaning equipment and supplies) and is a subsidiary of Freudenberg Group (Germany). Freudenberg Group is a multidisciplinary structure that incorporates more than 300 companies with a total of 28,800 employees in 56 countries. The Company runs its own production facilities, including the production of cleaning supplies. Freudenberg Group is an international family-owned German company with over 160 years of history. Vileda products are created with great care and high regard for the need of customers; they are environmentally-friendly. In the Russian market, customers are offered a wide range of cleaning products for premises: towels, sponges, gloves, mops, cloths and buckets.

For many years now, Eurogold Industries LTD, an Austrian-Swiss company, has been engaged in production of household goods incorporating features that make our life much more convenient and easier. In 2003, Eurogold Industries LTD launched production at the manufacturing site of 50,000 m2 in Zhitomir (Ukraine). Eurogold Industries LTD is one of the largest factories in Europe for the production of ironing boards, clothes dryers/drying racks and steps/ladders. High-quality products of the Eurogold Industries LTD factory demonstrate the results of ongoing innovations, patents and certificates confirming the quality standards. This manufacturing site ensures zero cycle to full production. This makes it possible to control quality at all stages of production and assembly.